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700 Person Capacity

Whether a small Sunday night, runway fashion show or full on concert Monarch Theatre has the capacity to host your guests. Seating is built in with 6 sectioned off VIP side booths and a rear bar area. Additional tables/chairs can be provided based on your needs.

30,000 Watt PK Sound System

PK audio systems are well known for its full bodied and intelligible sound; a result of implementing high efficiency components, new technologies and focusing on the current demands of artists and event attendees. PK and Monarch Theatre are dedicated to the art and science of the audio experience.

Visual & Lighting Systems

Monarch Theatre can produce any kind of atmosphere your event requires with 15+ light/visual systems combined. Including but not limited to 4 independent projection stations with your own unique visuals. We can also integrate any unique graphics into the projection system.

Corporate Events With Decor Available

Monarch Theatre is the only event venue within walking distance to the Phoenix Convention Center. We can host your evening corporate party with extensive decor, food options, table and bottle services. Decor options can be the basic table/chairs all the way up to lavish VIP parties.

Fashion, Award, Concert, Art & Runway Events

We have hosted some of the biggest names in the music scene, run way shows from local/national/international designers and award shows featuring personal runway attention. Monarch Theatre can convert from cocktail to fashion to music venue easily

Perfectly Located Directly Off Lightrail

Nothing is worse that driving to a party and then getting stuck for a ride. We are conveniently located directly off the 2nd St/Washington station. Sending people to and from our location is easy as getting on the lightrail.

18+ Events

We have done numerous successful 18 to party, 21 to drink non-integrated events. If you are looking to bring in a wide under 21 audience we can work with your event needs to find a plan that gives you premiere sound without a standard bar fee.

Visual Tour

Monarch Theatre is directly off Washington St opposite US Airways Arena. We have a large gated smoking area outside.

outside monarch theatre

The Main Room is deep and wide with a 60ft bar covering the entire left side.

main room monarch

Another view of the main room from a slightly different angle showing the depth.

main room monarch

View from the VIP Area into the Main Room

side view monarch theatre

We do Runway, Art & Fashion shows once a month. The runway can be added to any event.

runway fashion art monarch theatre

The Crystal Method - DJ

We are fully equipped for live concerts including front end sound, PA/Mic's, boom stands and integrated audio

monarch theatre live event

Sway Events recently held their 3rd Annual Swagger Awards at Monarch Theatre.

sway swagger award monarch theatre


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If you are interested in booking an event please use the form below to contact us.We are a multi purpose multi use entertainment facility. If you represent talent and want a performance at Monarch Theatre, consider using the venue for an event. We do not book entertainment, DJs, bands, tribute bands or other performances directly ever. Sending a message for this purpose will result in a non-answer.

All contact for VIP services such as bottles, VIP tickets or booths for any event must go to Edson@MonarchTheatre.com or 602 456 1991 X701. Filling out the email below for VIP/Bottle Service will not get an answer.

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